Satelite Map

Kithnos has countless coves, bays, and beaches with pristine waters and natural shade:

Ayia Irini: Small beach opposite Loutra

Ayios Dimitrios: Large, pretty sand beach on the island's southernmost point; forms part of the waterfront of Ayios Dimitrios settlement.

Ayios Stefanos: Sheltered beach on the island's eastern coast. Sand, pebble, and natural shade from tamarisks growing along the shoreline.

Ayios Sostis: Gorgeous beach on the island's northernmost tip, with fine pebbles and sand named after the nearby church of Ayios Sostis.

Apokrousi: One of the island's longest beaches with sand and natural shade.

Gaidouromantra: Large, sandy beach with clear water.

Episkopi: Pretty sheltered cover with sand and tamarisks growing along the shore.

Zogaki: Southernmost of the trio of beaches-Naoussa, Kouri, and Zogaki-linked by stepped footpaths.

Kalo Livadi: Located on the island's southeastern coast, it is marked by the church of Panayia Kalolivadiotissa perced on a rocky outcrop.

Kolona: Impressive beach divided by a low sandbank into two sand beaches.

Kavouroheri: Small beach located between Potamia and Maroula.

Kouri: Picturesque beach between Naoussa and Zogaki coves.

Lefkes: Beach in front of the Lefkes settlement; sand, pebbles, and natural shade.

Liotrivi: Small beach off the road to Kalo Livadi.

Loutra: Pretty beach opening off the village of Loutra. Swim at selected spots to catch currents from the spa.

Martinakia: Small sand beach just past Merihas on the road towards Loutra.

Mavrianos: Quiet beach on the eastern coast.

Megali Ammos Kanalas: Large, sand beach on the second bay beneath the church of Panayia Kanala; swimming on the left-hand bay is at a spot called Antonides.

Merihas: Beach next to Merihas village, with pristine waters and fine sand.

Naoussa: Pretty beach on the eastern coast with a view of a church perched atop a rock hill.  

Petroussa: Small beach on the island's southernmost tip accessible via Ayios Dimitrios.

Potamia: Sheltered and shady beach along the route to Ayios Sostis.

Simousi: Quiet beach on the island's southeastern coast.

Stifo: Pretty, quiet beach along the route to Ayios Dimitrios.

Schoinari: Sandy, shaded beach next to Loutra.

Trivlaka: Small bay on the island's western coast.

Fykiada: Beach wth golden sand framed by a gorgeous setting.

Flambouria: Large sand and pebble beach marked by the church of Panayia Flambouriani.