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Sifnos Stoneware - Our Logo

The Sifnos Stoneware logo depicts an eagle holding a snake in its beak. This logo has been adopted from ancient Sifnian coins that usually carried the profile of Artemis or Apollo on one side and this eagle on the other. Sometimes accompanied by the letters ΣΙΦ from the Greek name for the island, ΣΙΦΝΟΣ.


Welcome to Sifnos Stoneware where we make handcrafted, hand painted stoneware pottery, i.e. Vases, Pitchers, Mugs, Cookware, Bowls & Serveware, Accessories, Hand Thrown One of a Kind, for everyday use. Our ware is a durable, high quality stoneware that can be used safely everywhere, that is in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher.

We specialize in multifunctional items that fulfill all your household needs. Cookware and serveware for your kitchen and table, vases, accessories and exclusive hand thrown items for your living room. Choose from a selection of impressive colors and patterns created with our own totally lead-free glazes.

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Sifnos Stoneware is a fairly new enterprise, based on a 5 generation long tradition, established in 2006 on the Greek Cycladic island of Sifnos.


2nd generation potter Costas Kalogirou was born in the Greek island of Sifnos. Sifnos is well known all over Greece for its long tradition in pottery and its naturally occurring flameproof clay. He learned the trade on the island and soon moved to Marousi, Athens to work full time.

In a time before there was a water system in Athens, drinkable water would be delivered from Marousi to central Athens in ceramic jugs called "stamnia", many of which would break on the way.

Costas discovered there was a business in making water jugs. With the aid of his eldest son Antonis, he opened a workshop in Marousi along with his four other sons and established a high status in quality pottery making.

In 1933 Antonis had a son, who he named Costas after his father. Costas Kalogirou now the 4th generation wasted no time learning the secrets of the trade. Slowly he started experimenting with colors and new clays.

Move to America

In 1963, 4th generation Costas went to America and started work as a modeler designer for Stangl Pottery. Dissatisfied with a job in an office he left to take the position of plant manager of New Jersey based Chatham Potters which produced high quality stoneware pottery. There he increased production and sales and in 1967 he bought Chatham Potters.

t was in the U.S. where he completed the transition between earthenware and stoneware. He found that it is a more durable product that lends itself for much more creativity especially in the area of uncommon glazes.

Due to natural gas limits (necessary for firing the kiln) in New Jersey he was forced to move the business to Oswego, Kansas in 1976, along with wife Nina Kalogirou and their two little girls. They stayed there for 5 years, only to move back to New Jersey and finally close the business in 1984.

One year later, Costa and Nina gave birth to their son Antonis Kalogirou.

Move back to Greece

In 1991 the Kalogirou family moved back to Greece after almost 30 years in the United States. Costas now retired, Antonis attended school in Athens and went on to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham in England. Not finding satisfaction in engineering, he decided he wanted to learn his father's trade.

Once he completed his studies Costas, Nina and Antonis moved to Sifnos where they started a family business, Sifnos Stoneware.


In 2006 they opened a workshop in the graphic village of Artemonas, Sifnos. The concept behind which was to produce a high quality stoneware product at low cost and thus accessible to everyone. Nina now involved in patchwork and weaving creates handmade crafts to accompany the pottery.




Stoneware is a high quality clay that is fired at over 1200o C. At this temperature it becomes totally vitrified. This means that the clay has become non-porous, glass-like, and hard as stone. The result is a very durable and chip resistant product ideal for any use. Sifnos Stoneware can be used with confidence in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher (read more on Use & Care).

Stoneware is also an excellent insulator. It holds heat longer and vice versa. Ideal for cookware, it cooks evenly and keeps food warm.

Here at Sifnos Stoneware, we get our clays in powder form and mix them in our own formula. This way, we can control every aspect of our clay, from durability to firing temperature, and create a strong, long lasting product.


Glaze is the glass-like surface on all pottery that provides the smooth surface required for functional stoneware and allows for easy cleaning. Glaze making is in itself an art. The range of colors and surface finishes that can be achieved is truly limitless.

Here at Sifnos Stoneware we create our own glazes by using various risk-free materials and oxides. The glazes we have come to use are the result of extensive research, experimentation and testing. None of our glazes are store bought or ready made.

Since all our items are hand painted and hand glazed, slight variation in glaze color, texture and finish might occur during firing.

All Sifnos Stoneware glazes are food safe and totally lead, cadmium, and barium free. Our glazes are durable and won't flake off or craze, even after years of use.

Use & Care

Stoneware is a fully vitrified, very durable product that will not break or chip easily. However, it may crack when exposed to direct heat or rapid temperature changes. So we suggest a few guidelines to help you care for your Sifnos Stoneware.

You can use all Sifnos Stoneware products safely in the:

  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Dishwasher

To ensure your Sifnos Stoneware's longevity we urge you:

  • Not to expose products to direct heat such as open flame and stove tops.
  • Not to heat items straight from the freezer and vice versa. Let them reach room temperature first.
  • Not to add cold liquid to ware that is still hot from the oven.



Modeling and Mold Making: The molds used are all created on site. A prototype is shaped out of plaster on a specially designed wheel. Plaster negatives of the prototype are made and from those, master molds.

Clay Mixing: High quality clays in powder form are mixed with water to create slip. Slip is liquid clay the consistency of heavy cream.

Casting: The slip is then poured into plaster molds. The porous plaster absorbs water from the slip and a wall of clay is created. With time, the wall gets thicker. At the desired thickness excess slip is emptied from the mold. Once the clay starts to stiffen, the mold is opened and the item is then removed from the mold and left to dry.

Trimming: When items have become bone dry, the edges are smoothed off and sponged.

Throwing: Special items are hand thrown on the potter's wheel.

Painting and Glazing: All items are hand painted and dip glazed or spray glazed with colors and glazes made exclusively at Sifnos Stoneware.

Firing: Once glazed, items are ready to be fired. The kiln is carefully loaded and fired to 1250o C over a period of 10-12 hours. The kiln is then let to cool for 24 hours and finally opened. Lastly, the ware is thoroughly inspected for any flaws created during firing.


Product Categories
press for larger image Accessories
DETAILS Enhance the sidelined parts of your home with stylish accents. Make the unnoticed corners noticed! Check out our original Salt & Pepper sets, inspired by marine life! Ceramic S&P shakers in the shape of Sea Urchins, Sea Snails, and Sea Shells that make a perfect gift. Give your bathroom a refreshing summer twist with the Sea Shell Soap Dish. Add a warm feeling to any room with candlelight using any type of candleholder. If you’re a smoker, an ashtray is a must. The Square Ashtray is designed so that cigarettes that are left to burn wont fall out and mess your table. If you don’t want to smoke inside, use the Windproof Ashtray on the balcony, or beach veranda. It collects all the ash so it won’t be blown away by strong winds. We’re always coming up with extraordinary items to liven up your summer house or city apartment, so keep an eye on new additions to this category!
press for larger image Bowls & Serveware
Bowls & Serveware
DETAILS Add perspective to your dining room table with these versatile bowls and platters. Items for serving and decorating your dining room table. Bowls in any size, for any use. In a range of hand painted styles or choice of our own non-commercial glazes. Use this multifunctional ware to accompany your Cookware. Large and medium serving bowls double as servers and cookers. Cook your favorite meal and serve it directly to the table. Use the rice bowl for dips and sauces, even olives. Ice cream and cereal in the cereal bowl. The Platter is the ideal centerpiece for your table. Each Platter is individually hand painted. Serve fresh fish or sea food entrées in the Fish or Shrimp Platter.
press for larger image Cookware
DETAILS Everything for preparing the ultimate feast in your kitchen. Use all these items in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher without fear. Casserole, oval bakers, lasagna pan, soufflé, all move from oven to table with ease. The casserole is the ultimate cooker. Stoneware absorbs, retains, and distributes heat evenly in the lidded casserole to cook the perfect meal all round. Use the oval bakers and lasagna pan in the oven to cook supplementary dishes, or in the microwave to heat up cold leftovers. To top it all off, make creamy chocolate soufflé for dessert in the specially designed soufflé dish. The garlic jar and lemon squeezer combine functionality and beauty. Squeeze lemon juice for meals or just for some fresh lemonade in this fashionable Lemon Squeezer. Prevent your garlic from spoiling or sprouting roots by storing them in the Garlic Jar, cleverly shaped in the form of a garlic clove.
press for larger image Pitchers
DETAILS Pitchers are the perfect server for any time of day. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Juice, water, or wine. The large pitcher brings elegance and quantity to the table. If you’re more a practical person, use the Medium Pitcher with its easy pour spout, strategically place at 90 degrees from the handle. The Large and Medium Pitcher blend in a country house or city apartment equally.
press for larger image Vases
DETAILS Decorate your home with elegant and unusual vases. Bring the Aegean into your living room with pebble vases inspired by the secluded Sifnian beach, Vroulidia. Made from molds of actual pebbles from this cove and glazed to resemble the natural effect of water washing over them. Fancy a more modern design, then the Square Vases will add a subtle contemporary tone to an old or new home. Display your flowers in it or just allow the square vase to stand out.
press for larger image Hand Thrown & Unique Items
Hand Thrown & Unique Items
DETAILS Add finesse to your home with unique one of a kind items hand thrown on the potter’s wheel. The product of a lengthy creative process, each item is individually painted, glazed and fired with care. Select glazes are skillfully applied to produce rare color combinations and dazzling effects. All this adds up to a great conversation piece that adds depth to any abode. Items in this category are one offs not to be duplicated. Some items may be similar in size and form, but no two will be identical. Variety ranges from vases and bowls to pitchers and teapots. Remember to check this category often because new items are added often and might be sold even quicker!
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