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"SALT WATER DIVERS" of Syros can offer you:

a) SCUBA certification courses at all levels
b) diving excursions to spectacular underwater locations around the island under the personal supervision of NIKOS KOUMARIANOS, owner and professional diving instructor of PADI world diving confederation.

Our centre complies with all the international diving regulations and your safety is our main priority. For this reason we continue escorting our trainees and after their graduation from school and we keep consulting them whenever a need arises.

Due to our excellent knowledge of the island's coastline, we can take you to the most exciting locations for a memorable dive and if you are a certified diver and you can visit with us, U/W caves, shipwrecks, and reefs full of sea life.

Our diving boat "MOBY-DICK" is stationed at Finikas harbor, about 12 kilometers from the capital Hermoupolis...

...where our fully equipped marine and diving shop "THALASSA" can supply you or rend you everything you need for diving, fishing and yachting.
We are looking forward to meet you and show you the beautiful and exciting underwater world of Syros.


To learn to make diving is not difficult, but as with any activity that deserves to deal requires some time and effort. During the course PADI Open Water Diver (Diver offshore), would enjoy three stages: Developing Knowledge, in Diving Pool and Diving in Open Sea.

In Salt Water Diving Center PADI become smaller groups (of 3-6 people) to have close contacts with the trainee and be able to know in detail each for their absence, or his abilities.

We insist on learning and meticulous compliance with the safety standards that are essential for our next steps into the seabed. We give the learner to understand that if you ignore these rules they may play a crucial role for his life but for the life of another who has dive with him.



The course PADI Open Water Diver (Dytis offshore) is surprisingly flexible and based on performance, which means that the Centre or Resort Diving PADI has the potential to offer the program through a wide range of programmes and to proceed according to the how fast you can watch. Is it possible to complete the diving pool in conditions and offshore in three or four days only (assuming that care about the reading and monitoring of video).

However, many people prefer a more relaxed program. Check with the Salt Water Diving Center PADI to learn about these programs or to inquire about a particular or semi-special course.

1. Developing Competence - This involves the development of the degree of familiarity with your core principles and procedures. For example, learning how the pressure affects your body, how to choose the best type of equipment and what to test each time schedule dives. syros-scuba-diving-center-5_F32099.jpg

We conclude Development Knowledge of your own, by reading each of the five sections of the Handbook Dyti PADI Open Sea and monitoring of the corresponding section in Video Dyti PADI Open Sea (which also carried out a preliminary examination of the skills they will learn). If you enjoy learning by computer, you can also obtain the Handbook Dyti PADI Open Sea along with the video on CD-ROM. Make a reiteration of what you have to consider each section with the instructor and your reply to a short questionnaire to be sure that understand their curriculum. At the end of courses, followed by a test to ensure that you have learned all the key words and the purpose of the sessions. 

2. Diving limited water - It develops basic skills diver is in a pool or a water area with pool conditions. Here you will learn everything from the installation of equipment to how to empty the mask from the water without going up to the surface. It will also practise in certain skills needed in the event of emergencies, such as the sharing of air - of the emergency. Furthermore, you can play some games, gaining new friends and enjoy wonderful.

There are five dives in a pool and each one builds on the previous one. During those five divers can gain the skills necessary to dive in conditions offshore.

3. Diving Open Sea - After the diving conditions in the pool, you and your new friends will continue the education over four offshore diving instructor with the PADI diving in the region. Herein lies the fun applying everything that you learned and gefeste fully experience an underwater adventure - in terms of nerves, of course. You can perform these dives close to the point where you live or in a more exotic destination on holiday.  


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