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The tower Kallisto is saved by a five Kastellia Santorini, founded the Venetian. This characteristic Cycladic castle with the arrangement of houses around a continuous structure, so the external walls to form a fortified enclosure, suffered great damage in earthquakes in 1956. The Holy Trinity, which was once a small Catholic women's single and now houses the collection, ereipothike in the early 70's saving only the north wall and part of the sanctuary. On the initiative of the Association Hunting Towers and staff of the then President Lisa Patinioti also had the foresight to arrange for construction of the collection immediately after the earthquake. The 2nd Ephorate Byzantine Antiquities in cooperation with the Holy Metropolis Hunting Tower and the Community held in 1997 epanekthesi the collection, which had remained closed all these years. The Castle community has the most to realize this project, assuming all the financial cost to repair the church and helping diverse work Ephorate.
The collection includes pictures and local Cretan painter, works woodwork and metalwork, ceramics, embroidery and other sacred objects ecclesiastical use, dating mainly in 17th and 18th century era of prosperity and economic welfare of the Tower. The earlier picture collection, which can be dated to the 16th century, shows St. George with scenes of life, and according to the testimony of Kastelli elderly residents from the homonymous church. The type of horseback St, where the horse shows and the saintly side facing the faithful, probably created in Crete in the 15th century, but was not widely. From naidrio of St. John the Theologian, former shareholders of the Monastery of Patmos, obtained three images of the collection «St John the Theologian», «above the profitai» and «The Divine Liturgy». The first picture shows St John the normal type, with characteristics of robust Prosopographical elderly wise to bust, keeping the gospel, the envelope and ink. The second picture with the Virgin and Child to support two Cherouvim and flanked by busts of prophets David, Solomon, Isaiah and Daniel, is the work of a painter Stylianos Crete Castle. Signature of the artist, unknown from other images, there is the wooden temple of the temple of Ipapandi Patmos, whose construction dates after 1600. The third picture, polyprosopi composition with the Holy Trinity to be surrounded by angelic forces that are the Divine Liturgy, signed by the 'Emmanuel' Priest Skordilis. The famous Cretan icon-painter he created the 17th century vmiso an important workshop on Apple and works together on many islands. Two pictures collection, «Christ pontiff Great» and «the Assumption» projects is another Cretan painter, Victor, who also acted in vmiso 17th century. The wide geographical spread of particular projects demonstrate his reputation as a capable painter. The imperious image, with Christ enthrono, rigid, as Mega Archierea, saved fragmentary signature of painter hand Vic ..... This picture probably comes from the Temple of entry where there is another picture of Victor on Odigitria. The second image collection of the painter has the appearance of the Virgin Mary in a known type, as established in Cretan icons of the 15th century. A fairly graphic features is the Christ, not shown upright but stoop to the deceased, which detail the artist reproduces a picture of the same subject, which is located at the Benaki Museum. The picture comes from the Temple of Faneromenis and in the lower right section saves the entire signature, hand Victor. Two still images from the church Faneromeni, the eponymous region in the south of the village of Pyrgos, and, as «the Assumption», are offering family Kampitsi in the collection. These two images despotic, «Christ Mega Archierea» and «the Madonna Faneromeni». The first shows Christ at bust, and the second with the Virgin and Child enthroni saved signature hand Iakovou achos monk and date (1676). The icon-painter, which perhaps was Santorini, and had painted the picture of the temple Odigitria Eisidion Mary. The fourth picture masterful collection, on the St. Jacob Adelfotheo enthrono with pontifical dress, from the homonymous church, which earlier belonged to Catholics information on the island. From the old church of Agia Triada, the resulting image with the St. Catherine and parts of epistyliou of gilded iconostasis. In one of those saved by God's word Deisis Paisiou monk and the date 1747. Works of Paisiou save the Monastery of Prophet Elias. Nice sample woodwork art form with the Cross trilobate ends of the antennae and the «blue» of the Virgin Mary (save a few tracks) and John. The three artoforia and Epitaph complete collection of wooden sculptures of the 18th and 19th century. The pyx exaedriko the level cap from the old church of Agia Triada, dated apsmth (1749) and the signing of the monk Ignatios Tzigala, local painter, whose works are at various temples on the island. The woodcut Epitaph, good work of popular art of the 19th century, bears many epizografiseis which changed the original colors and comes from the church of Christ.
The complete collection of embroidery, vestments, liturgical books and utensils. Among the distinguished pair of brocade epimanikion with performances of entry and Ipapandi, «feet» (kentima which was set below the image of the Virgin of the Temple of entry), with representation of the Virgin Mary with Christ on a medal, controlled by David, Solomon, Avakoum and Melchisedek, and cross with holy water and silver casing inscription Gedeon monk 1744.


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