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Anthemion was created by persons whose sensitivity to and love for Parian and Cycladic history and culture have instilled in them clarity of purpose, willingness to work, and delight.

It is chiefly the vision of Kyriaki Ragousi-Kontogiorgou, who for forty years has passionately sought out everything concerning her island's life and its rich and unique history in the Aegean.

With their own funds the Kontogiorgos family has undertaken the collection's housing and display, arranging private space as a museum, with every specification for the security and the maintenance of the objects.

The result is unique among cultural projects of the provinces. The collection, which is being expanded yearly, is exhibited in a tasteful and spacious building in the Cycladic style with wonderful open-air courts.

ANTHEMION's displays consist of separate unified sections, of especial historical value for Paros and the Cyclades.

We invite you to become acquainted with and to support this ongoing project, which concerns whoever feels the magic of rare books, old photographs, nautical maps, prints, traditional household items, manuscripts and old coins.

ANTHEMION is at the disposal of both scholars and of ordinary persons, as well as educational institutions.

Taking its responsibilities to heart, the people of ANTHEMION intend to protect and preserve from disappearance a genuine treasury of our historical and cultural heritage, and to call it to the attention of Parians and visitors through a variety of cultural activities.


This includes 5,000 books, periodicals and other publications which mainly represent writers who come from or live on Paros and publications that give information on Paros, Antiparos and the Cyclades, as well as books of more general interest.

These books, which owing to their rarity are extremely difficult to find outside of ANTHEMION, could become the basis of a municipal library. Specila sections are devoted to such subjects as numismatics, travel books and folklore.


These remarkable collections include:

Weights and measures: One of the most complete collections of its Kind, with items from pre-Byzantine times to the present day.

Votives and devotional items: A large and representative selection, including many rare pieces.

Swords and pistols: Old swords, pistols and weapons from Greek battles.

Jewellery and embroidery: A rich collection of jewelry bought abroad for the island's women, and masterpieces of folk embroidery.

Household items: A rich and historically important collection of ceramics, woodcarvings, bronze glass, copper and silver utensils, including some rare pieces.

Coats-of-arms and medals: a small collection of replicas from twelve Parian families and commemorative medals from competitions and other events.


HANDWRITTEN DOCUMENTS - MANUSCRIPTS. The collection includes 120 manuscripts from 1800 to 1900 that concern island life, with important historical and folkloric information.

PRINTS. The collection includes most known prints from 1500 to 1900 of Paros and Antiparos. These include maps, port charts, depictions of nautical instruments, Parian costmes, Parian dances, the Antiparos cave, the ancient quarries, and scenes of island life. All prints have been authenticated by the proper foundations in Greece and abroad.

COINS. A rich collection of coins throughout the ages, with separate displays of ancient coins of Paros and its colonies and the French-Swiss company tha mined Parian marble in the 19th century.

STAMPS. Stamps old and recent on envelopes from their first day of circulation, old postcards and letters to and from Paros.

PHOTOGRAPHS. This very rich collection of old photographs from a previous era has often served as a source of information to scholars and writers.




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