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Natural and Cultural Treasures of the Aegean Sea. We are a group of small private and non-profit field schools and organizations devoted to increasing ecological awareness of the marine environment and studying the unique ecology, biology, geology, archaeology, art and history of the Aegean Sea. 

The Aegean Institute a not-for-profit organization, offers courses in underwater archaeology, marine biology, geology and ecology for study abroad college/university students and interested individuals as well as groups with a special interest in these subjects.  The Aegean Institute is a beneficiary and proposer, in close cooperation with the environmental organization, Mediterranean SOS for a development project regarding the establishment and management of a natural and cultural heritage network of marine and coastal areas around Paros and Antiparos (LIFE-Environment, NATURA 2000 cooperating with the Cycladic Municipalities of Paros, Naxos, Andros, Sifnos and Milos as partners).

Aegean Diving College caters for novice and advanced divers with a keen interest in marine ecology, underwater archaeology and wreck diving, geological cave diving and underwater photography (see the video). 

Octopus Sea Trips runs sea discovery programs for children, young people, families and schools. The Aegean Center for Marine Environmental Education (ACMEE) is involved in coordinating events to sensitise locals and visitors regarding the protection of coastal and marine ecosystems in the Aegean. For the past ten years we have been actively involved in running a series of unique hands-on marine environmental education programs for schools on many islands of the Aegean Sea under the Greek Government programs "O Mikros Naftilos" and "O Naftilos taxidhevi", sponsored by the Pedagogical Institute and the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and National Heritage (“Elliniki Etairia")   

We have also been running Marine Environmental Education Programs (at“A”Level”) on Paros, for English and German Schools visiting us from Athens: St.Lawrence College, German School.

In the last 8 years, we have had a number of United States universities and Colleges create special study abroad programs based on our activities, awarding academic credits held either here on Paros or on sail boats (sailing, diving, marine ecology, archaeology, marine protected areas management, geology, underwater photography)

Our operations are mentioned in a very positive manner in all major guides like Lonely Planet, Guide du Routard: Fodor’s and others  ERT Satellite and National NET TV have repeatedly screened a half-hour documentary devoted to our activities, in the series "Aighaio, nyn kai aei" (Aegaeum, Nunc et Semper). The name of the episode about us is "Vythos, paralliloi kosmoi". Last year, another two national and satellite TV programs were produced, focusing on our work here in the Aegean (Focus, on national NET & ERT Satellite). In the past 10 years, several German TV channels have produced documentaries on our activities in Greece and more specifically Paros: ARD, ZDF, ARTE, and Spiegel TV (the latter on the Battle of Lepanto). 

In 1976 Peter Nicolaides worked on the Calypso with the Cousteau team and often dived with Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself. One year before that he was in charge of diving operations on a National Geographic Foundation Expedition and discovered the site of the Bronze Age wreck of Dokos, the oldest wreck known to date.

In 1998 he discovered the wreck of the Ottoman Armada Fleet Flagship of Kara Ali that Constantine Kanaris, the Greek revolution hero had blown up, off the island of Hios, in 1822. Seven years ago he collaborated with the University of Trieste in Italy, on the European Program Socrates MARE E VITA for the production of a teaching CD-ROM for schools, (Il Mare Vive) regarding the commonest Mediterranean Sea species of algae. The Sunday Times of London, in the 30th of January 2006 issue, ran a long article (not advertised) and so did the Greek newspaper Kathimerini of Sunday, 27th of February 2005. In February 2009, Peter Nicolaides was kindly invited by the National Geographic Organization to participate in a series of documentaries about famous wrecks in Greece as a marine expert and former National Geographic and J.Cousteau/Calypso diver. The series started with a documentary on the sister ship of the Titanic, the Britannic, lying off Kea Island in 120m depth. Shooting was scheduled between May 18th and May 29th 2009 with live broadcast sequels to be screened starting November 15th 2009 with Dr. Robert Ballard on the Research Vessel R/V Nautilus. Peter has been invited to join the panel of experts. 

For September 2009, we have been kindly asked by the TRAVEL CHANNEL to participate and present our unique activities in a special TV program on Paros, hosted by Samantha Brown and broadcast around the world. 

For this episode Samantha is going to be in the Greek Islands showing the viewers worldwide some of the things they might do if they choose Greece as a holiday destination. We are featuring Paros as one of the destinations and Samantha coming on one of the underwater archaeological tours will be a great scene in the show and an ideal way to show some of the rich history and culture of the island. Peter Nicolaides, President of the Aegean Institute and Manager of the Aegean Diving College ran as a Cyclades MP candidate, for the Greek Parliament in the national elections in Greece in 2007 with European Greens Party which is by now established as the new political party in Greece. He will be running again as a candidate in the next national elections in Greece. (see broadcast video message online) 

All program themes and activities offered always prove to be a very moving experience remembered for life, for anybody with a passion for Greek culture and language, marine ecology, biology, geology, underwater archaeology, Greece and the Aegean Sea.  

Peter Nicolaides, Paros tel. 22840 43347, Athens (Dec-Feb)  210 9226510, Mobile: 6932289649, 6932757123, e-mail:,,,







Peter Nicolaides, Diving Physiologist, Offshore Engineer, Oceanographer and Professional Diver. 

Following Athens College he completed his B.Sc. (Hons) in Biology and Hyperbaric Physiology at Queen Elizabeth / King’s College, University of London.After gaining professional experience in the Mediterranean, Red and North Seas (working offshore) he continued into Postgraduate Studies in Offshore Engineering – M.Sc. (U/W Science and Technology.)

From 1977 to 2009 operates SST Maritime (Subsea Scientific & Technical), a company involved in Coastal and Offshore Engineering. SST continues presently as a personal business along with the Aegean Diving College (ADC), established in 1998 on Paros and the Aegean Institute, a not-for-profit organization for the promotion of Greece and its marine natural and cultural treasures.Both SST and ADC carry out marine research, inspection and small underwater construction projects with the University of Athens (Dept.of Marine Biology & Dept.of Post-Graduate Oceanography), the University of the Aegean (Dept.of Marine Science) and the University of Patras (Rio-Antirrio Project), Oceanographical Institutes (Hellenic Center for Marine Research), Government Agencies Public Power Corporation-(ΔΕΗ), National Telecommunications Organization (ΟΤΕ), Ministry of Public Works (ΥΠΕΧΩΔΕ) involving energy and communication cables, platforms, pipelines, harbour works, sewage treatment plants as well as major marine construction projects. From 1975 until 1987, he was a very active diving member of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (Special Secretary) and participated in many underwater archaeology projects.  

In 1975 as Diving Officer for the National Geographic Foundation Expedition in Greece, Peter Nicolaides discovered the most ancient wreck known to date (Early Bronze Age), off Dhokos Island, in the Argolis Bay. In 1976 he joined Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his crew, diving with him from the Calypso for several months, acting as a liaison between the Ministry of Culture and the French team.

In 1987, following a European Union course he ran for professional divers in Hios, discovered the treasure-laden wreck of the flagship of the Turkish fleet, blown-up by Constantine Canaris in 1822.

Peter is a member of the Society for Underwater Technology, a 3* CMAS Instructor (GRE 0007) and a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor #604601. The Aegean Centre for Marine Environmental Education (a non-profit organization) was established on Paros, by Peter Nicolaides and is involved in University Level Oceanographic Field-Studies and Student Training with the University of the Aegean, the University of Athens as well as the Ministry of Education (Directorate for Environmental Education) teaching Marine Environmental Education in schools of the Aegean Archipelago. Simplified versions of the above programmes are delivered to visiting amateur divers and non-divers who may participate in ongoing scientific experiments and monitoring in the Aegean Sea. For non-diving visitors arrange real-time video and audio transmitted to topside monitors are arranged. The Aegean Centre for Marine Environmental Education is the leading proposer for the establishment of a Network of Marine Conservation Areas in the Aegean Sea. This project will  be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry for Development, the Ministry for Employment, the Ministry of Merchant Marine, the Ministry of Education under the scientific direction of the Hellenic Center for Marine Research. 

The main objects of the establishment of Marine Conservation Areas in the Aegean are:

  • Protection of the Aegean Marine Environment
  • Monitoring of the Aegean Archipelago Marine Environmental Education
  • Increase of Fish Populations
  • Tourist attraction 

Peter Nicolaides has 30 years experience in leadership of marine projects and excellent communication and presentation skills both in English and Greek languages ensuring that project plants and materials are managed according to companies’ procedures with regards to safety, quality and environmental considerations 

Summary of qualifications:

  • B.Sc., M.Sc. (hyperbaric physiology, oceanography / underwater engineering)
  • Fluency in English with highly developed written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to make company’s presentations / reports to Client
  • Computer literate
  • 30 years varied experience in professional diving in combination with:
  1. deck and split barges, floating cranes, offshore supply and diving boats, pontoons. (Kavala, Alpha, Beta, Kappa oil-platforms)
  2. Positioning and mooring of floating equipment (NAPC, Micoperi, North Sea jacket inspections, photography, video)
  3. Construction and inspection (~25 projects for Ministry of Public Works, EOT, ETVA) of breakwaters, concrete block  quay walls, placement of armouring rocks, tetrapods etc.
  4. Estimation of excavations by floating crane (echo-sounding equipment-GPS for Hristoforos Constatinides, Psallidas, Min. of Public Works, Agricultural Bank)
  5. Construction and inspection of offshore piling, jetties and underwater cables, flow lines / pipelines (OTE, Psyttalia Project, Soya loading facilities near Halkida, ΕΥΔΑΠ)
  6. Marine Civil Construction
  7. Dams (Mornos Dam, Tetraktys, NAMA, ΔEH at Kastraki)
  8. Water and Sewage Works (Min.of Public Works, ΕΥΔΕ, Δ4)

Details of projects undertaken and references  supplied.



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