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The vision of Ntanos Printezis to achieve consistent control over the making of high quality fresh bread, bakery and confectionery products, as well as ice creams, at both wholesale and retail, led him to create the vertically integrated “NTANOS Bakery&Pastries”. Since its inception, NTANOS Bakery&Pastries has 3 stores and a production site in the island of Syros. Keeping our unwavering commitment to making and trading high quality products, we focus on training our stuff accordingly and updating our equipment. True to traditional recipes, while looking for new, we are always in search. We love all cultures and, thus, we adopt their best. Therefore, everyday, we knead, bake, pack and trade a wide variety of products to supply our stores, as well as hospitality and catering enterprises where food is prepared and served such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and other catering operations.


Every day we bake and deliver various types of bread. We rely on our knowledge and skills to make our own yeast. Therefore, we use only our own made yeast for high quality doughs and breads, and not the one commonly known as baker' yeast. We are looking for authentic ingredients to bake more than 15 different types of bread, such as corn bread, sourdough bread, crunchy country, whole wheat, apanochoritiko, multigrain, whole wheat, monastiriako, ciabatta. We care for food-sensitive people and therefore we bake gluten-free bread, no-salt bread, no-salt bread by whole wheat, low-glysemic bread, bread made by organic flour, ultra omega-3 bread, bread made by emmer wheat, carob bread.


Ntanos production site, bakery products, pastries, doughs

Every day, fresh, top quality products are made and packed in our production site, to be distributed to our chain stores and our sales network supplying enterprises where food is prepared and served such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and other catering and hospitality operations.

Marrying tradition and innovation, we carefully select and use the finest ingredients to make from scratch our products. The outcome is a rich variety of products, such as pastries, cookies and biscuits in many flavours, breadsticks and many more. NTANOS Bakery & Pastries seeks perfection in all aspects. Therefore, our packaging is designed so as to elegance and superior aesthetics, giving an austere color palette. We pay special attention to protecting the content, in order to preserve the original quality and freshness throughout the time between producing and consuming.

Producing doughs

The growth of ΝΤΑΝΟΣ Bakery & Pastries led to the creation of our own pastry production unit. In the spirit of achieving the best possible quality, we make our own doughs in wide variety, as well as pastries, cakes and yeast-based products. Combining state-of-the-art facilities and personal touch, we constantly make new products, taking pride in our rich variety of doughs, to supply our stores, as well as hospitality and catering enterprises. We experiment with recipes and invent our own, such as pie with rosemary, local cheese and sun dried tomatoes or whole wheat feta pastry pie. We love the “typical” and so familiar recipes, making all kinds of croissants (butter, filled with chocolate, with cream, banana and chocolate, and more), bugatsa, Greek traditional pies with cheese, or spinach, or zucchini and pastry doughs filled with various fillings.


In our fresh ice cream production unit, we make more than 20 flavours from fresh milk, cream and flavoring such as chocolate, fruits and nuts purees. We keep our facilities modern and equipped with quality equipment and our staff trained, meeting the requirements of the hygiene legislation. We choose our ice creams to have the velvet soft texture and slow-to-melt milkiness of the authentic italian gelato, adapted to the Greek habits. The result is ice creams that melt in the mouth with rich creamy body. We refresh our recipes to achieve our goal; a pandemonium of colours and flavours served in cone, cup, or family package.


Balancing sweetness, fine ingredientls, carefully selected and executed recipes. Our confections, pastries and cakes are made out this combination, in their own production line in our facilities, meeting the strict standards for their production and distribution. We find ways to experiment with cream, chocolate, fruits, using recipes and flavours, drawing inspiration from Greek traditional recipes and trends from the world cuisine to create products for our brand.


STORE - BAKERY: Finikas, Syros, tel. +30 2281042555

PRODUCTION SITE: Finikas, Syros, tel. +30 2281043790

STORE 2: 13 Vikela Str, Hermoupolis, Syros, tel. +30 2281089090

BAKERY CAFE: 20 Hr. Polytechneou & S. Karagiorga Str, Hermoupolis, Syros,

tel. +30 2281075535


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