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 Syros Winery

Ermoupolis, the capital of Cyclades, was not a random choice for us while thinking about where to establish our winery. This deeply cultural place, combines folk elements with class, urban aesthetics with Cycladic characteristics, as well as Catholic and Orthodox elements. Seduced by these contrasts, we established “Syros Winery”, a boutique domaine in Talanta region, close to Ermoupolis.

Established in 2011, by the oenologist Niko Hatzaki, who, during the first year of the winery’s operation, produced the dry white wine labeled “Fabrica”.  Two years later, in 2013, another white wine was launched, along with our first red wine, which spent several months in french, oak barrels and was bottled and released in the market at the end of 2014.

In order to produce wines which match their environment, are proper for the special Aegean climatic conditions and accompany harmonically the local cuisine, we relied on vinifying indigenous grape varieties. These are Monemvasia and White Kountoura, a blend upon which is based the Fabrica wine, and Assyrtiko for the San ta Maratha label. Finally for our red Fabrica, we ‘ve chosen Mandilaria, the well known Cycladic red variety.  


«San ta Maratha»

Assyrtiko, PGI Cyclades, 13%vol.

A single variety, limited label, from the Cycladic Assyrtiko grape. The name San ta Maratha was inspired by the fragrant indigenous herb, the fennel (“maratho” in greek) which grows all over the place, from the small mountains and valleys of Syros, to the salty seashore.

Taking advantage of  the rare particularities of the Cycladic vineyard, we produce a strong “vin gastronomique”, absolutely proper for food, with a pale yellow, almost white color and a lemony nose. The versatile Assyrtiko makes wines with severity and nerve, and in our case, it transpires earthy notes, citrus fruits and orange blossoms aromas, which keep on sparkling also in the mouth. Freshness, richness, acidity and also minerality, are among its main characteristics, along with a well duration crispy after taste, which refers to pears and lemons. You will enjoy this wine with fresh fish and seafood, dishes with lemony taste, spinach pie and cheese pies, white, salty cheeses, risotto and poultry.        


«Fabrica White»

Monemvasia and Kountoura, PGI Cyclades, 13%vol.

White Fabrica is a blend of two Aegean grape varieties. It is a wine quite fresh, extremely fruity, with juicy peaches, pears and pineapple aromas in the nose. Fabrica is a light easy wine, medium bodied, with a fruity aftertaste. This wine pairs well with salty dishes, meze and pies, white cheeses, fish and seafood, and also vegetables and white meat. Enjoy it also as an aperitif.


«Fabrica Red»

Mandilaria, PGI Cyclades,12,5%vol.

Red Fabrica is a light and fresh red wine, with soft, cherry, vanilla and tomato aromas. It is medium bodied, with mellow tanins, breezy acidity, plenty of fruit and freshness in the aftertaste. Even during summertime it is delightful to taste it slightly cool, as an aperitif or for accompanying greek and Aegean dishes, like stuffed tomatoes, eggplants, but also red fish like tuna, pasta with tomato sauce, light braised meat, etc.   


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